Kessaku, how to call a masterpiece

Perfection of simplicity. This is the concept Kessaku inspires to, a project which arises from the willingness to bring into the best Italian man craft tradition the light breath of the Japanese aesthetic taste, which holds in its sublime sobriety the very core of Nature's perfection.

The term Kessaku means "masterpiece", that is what Nature and its elements create: the air, the wind, the soil, together able to mold shapes and surface of eternal materials.

Sincerity and strength are the main values of Kessaku's concept.
Excesses and frenetic changes are these days' obsession. Ideas, trends, languages follow one another meaningless and this attitude brought people to loose the deepest values that always connected humans by objects in an emotional way very far from mere materialism.
Kessaku's intention is to become a landmark for those who are looking for something which sounds as free, honest, concrete. An object far from hiding personality, which rather inspires and brings it out by suggesting a way to slow down.